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I've written loads of sketches for TV and radio for Russ Abbot and a number of European comedy shows. I've produced and co-written sketch shows for the London fringe.

I teach comedy writing and standup comedy, currently at Richmond Adult Community College in South London, at residential colleges across the country and at my own venues. My main passion will always be to write and perform funny stuff and to help other people do it as well (or even better, if you must).

I've also written humorous articles in The Oldie Magazine, Shakespeare Scene, Reach Magazine (amongst others), and have been the comedy critic for my local paper.

As an actor, I was in both parts of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". I was in "Joint Account", "The Brittas Empire" and "Murder Most Horrid" for the BBC. My appearance in these shows has enriched my insight into the sitcom form. 


My book "How To Write Comedy" is now out, published by Little, Brown. Does the world need yet another book on writing comedy? I think mine's a bit different. It unpicks each of the major comedy genres - sketches, jokes and sitcoms - in turn and gives a point by point guide to getting the idea, building it and rewriting it so your writing starts to shine. If you're not sure, then check out the link on Comedy Courses.


My ultra-condensed course on writing jokes appeared in the Independent On Saturday in Aug 23rd. See it here:


Thanks to all those who attended my course on writing sketches at the fab Swanwick Writers School., for making both sessions so lively and funny. 


My next courses are at Richmond Adult  Community College, Higham Hall College and Denman College. Check them out on the Writing Courses page. 

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