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Face to Face Performance Coaching

How do we proceed?

Get in touch with me on Contact Me. We’ll have a chat in which you tell me your needs. Send me any videos or scripts you have so I can hone a tutorial round what you do, and we set up a meeting.

Where will the sessions take place?

It’ll be at a mutually convenient venue, whether in or outside London.

How long will it take?

Typically, one or two hour-long sessions. The second session is sometimes requested to embed the changes. Emails and telephone calls are included.

How much will it cost? £35.00 per hour, which includes preparation. A typical session would be £70.00

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One to One Session


  • Iain Dawson
  • Dr Mike Smith

The chat we had really helped. I've already got some new gags using your techniques, which is brilliant!

Iain Dawson (Viv the Spiv)

Prior to appearing as 1940s character Viv the Spiv before an audience of 10,000 in Battersea Park for the Jubilee Celebrations in June 2012, Iain had a preparatory session with me.

I brought the house down at the conference, thanks to your tutoring and guidelines

Dr Mike Smith

Mike did a standup comedy workshop with me in which he created a character persona as part of presentation at a major Medical Conference.


  • Neil Davies
I'm enjoying the course immensely and find your comments and criticisms to be constructive, erudite and extemely helpful.