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Distance Courses by Email

Tony’s individual distance courses are a great way of building your writing skills while working from home. You get individual attention, do the course at your own pace, and have the advantage of email “chat” throughout the course. Whatever area of comedy writing you want to explore, there’ll be something here for you.

The framework of each course is session notes which I email to you. You study them, do the suggested homework and send it back. I mail you the next session, followed by feedback on your work. The pressure’s minimal: you just send your homework over when you can.

And, of course, the whole internet is available as a library to study classic and recent comedy as guideline and inspiration.

Successful Sketch Writing

Get to grips with writing comedy sketches, the basic building blocks of comedy. You’ll also learn how to write funny and vivid sketch characters. Over the five sessions you will create a portfolio of different styles of sketch and be ready to start submitting to TV & Radio sketch shows.


Get Started in Sketch Writing

Learn the basics of writing sketches and quickies, the fundamental building blocks of comedy. Over the three sessions you’ll create a portfolio of sketches and be ready to start submitting to TV & Radio sketch shows.


Writing Jokes and One-Liners

Whether you want to build your standup comedy routine, add humour to your presentations or submit one-line gags to TV and Radio shows, this comedy course will give you the essential skills in writing jokes.


Writing Sitcoms

Write your own sitcom, the holy grain of comedy writers. You’ll either create a completely new sitcom from scratch, or rework the premise, characters and style of your existing idea. Learn how sitcoms are created, formatted, written and, not least, marketed. You’ll come out with a comprehensive premise, a cast of fully rounded characters and half of your pilot episode. 


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