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Writing Sitcoms

The essentials of a sitcom are looked at in detail: creating the premise, building characters, creating conflict, brainstorming ideas for episodes, structuring an episode and writing dialogue. You'll also look at how to present your idea to producers. You’ll study many sitcoms, modern and classic, and see how the form works as part of an industry. 

Where can I do this course?

Richmond Adult Community College, Richmond, London November 9th 2016 19.00 - 21.15 for 6 weeks. Cost: £90.00. Enquire and enrol:

Writing Sitcoms - an introduction

Learn the basics of sitcoms - finding a premise that works, creating characters and building storylines.

Richmond Adult Community College, Richmond, London. 5th October 2016 19.00-21.15 for 4 weeks. £60.00 Enquire and enrol:

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  • Dean Hughes
  • Julie Davis
  • Sean Cash
  • Waseem Kalam
  • Colin Cook
  • Betsy Everett
  • Simon Finnis
  • Craig Carman
  • Mark Dean

I more than enjoyed the course. It was exactly what I needed!  To see something I'd written performed today was, for me, pretty dreamy. I loved it! This evening has definitely inspired me to get writing more

Dean Hughes

His approach is immediate and inspiring. Great insider’s tips

Julie Davis

Thanks so much for the course. It exceeded all my expectations. Not only was it very informative, you’re a very good teacher

Sean Cash

Tony is a great teacher and his passion for comedy is infectious. This is a really great course and gave me confidence to make a go of my comedy writing

Waseem Kalam

The course has made me feel really enthused. The high point was seeing my sketches performed by actors and getting laughs

Colin Cook

The course was terrific.


"I learnt something every week and was grateful for the candid, positive and constructive feedback as I built my routine week after week, building confidence and improving technique as we went. Great course and I'm booking dates on the circuit already. Thanks Tony."
I had a brilliant time! I'm gutted the course is over, if I'm honest. I had an amazing 10 weeks, met some wonderful people and feel like I've learned a lot. 
Tony's inspirational coaching and mentoring, gave everyone the breadth to find their own style, whilst allowing the development of their own personal routine. I would highly recommend this course and it goes without saying that it was great fun as well.
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